Director Message




I welcome you on behalf of St. Xavier’s College, Bangalore and thank you for showing your interest in us. In the last decades as you are aware have witnessed shift in the apparatus . This has necessiciated change in approach towards business, economic, social development and consequent growth which is both strategic and transformational in nature. Service sector grew horizontally and vertically whereas industry sector linked with economy displayed challenges.

Keeping in view, our belief that leaders contribute to make differences in all spheres of the organizations and ultimately the world around them, we aim to nurture students. This is resorted to by fostering the skill and enhancement of knowledge base of our students through various extra curricular, co-curricular and curricular activities through our faculty who keep themselves abreast by various Research and FDPs and attending Seminars/Conferences. This is based on extraction of reserves of good will among our Alumni, reputation among our recruiters and energetic potential students without forgetting commitment to society as a whole.

At St. Xavier’s, we impart quality education in management at Post Graduate and Under Graduate level courses. By above, we full fill our commitments to prospective students’organization and the parents.

I welcome the newly admitted students to the portals of this great educational institution and wish them a memorable, meaningful and rewarding tenure and emerge as world-class managers, architects or business tycoons.I would urge upon them to prove as good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country, India. I also welcome parents of our students and every one visiting this institution to go around the beautiful and sprawling campus at St. Xavier’s Bangalore.

Campus Director Message

Fr. S M S Stephenson

         Campus Director

Dear Friends, at the very outset let me extend a hearty welcome on behalf of St. Xavier's College, Bangalore.

As we know, we live in a world of competitions, especially in the world of Education at a time when Science and Technology reached its paramountcy. At this juncture, unless we impart quality education to the young aspirants to acquire current developments in the realm of "knowledge" in the field of Technology, they will not be able to contribute something good to the coming generations. Keeping in mind this vision and aspect, the Founders of this college have devised the curriculum by which, the student can acquire a credible position in the present most competitive world without trailing behind. This is the promise we give to the most suitable students, provided he/she is committed to undergo rigorous training under the able guidance of our predominant Faculty, led by Dr. Thandava Murthy, who imparts the knowledge he has acquired, in a more holistic way.

This Institute, in fact is the realization of the long cherishing dreams of a young group of well talented men who really dedicated their might to bring up a living monument to their dreams. If that has to become a success, the student who joins us has to empathise, by leaving behind all other notions in which he/she has been nurtured. They have to inculcate the new system and the mode of operation in which the College is moving forward. They are supposed to get themselves familiar with the new situation, which will bring them a shining future only. And, we wish the same to each and every student joins this college, without any disparity. We impart Education without Prejudice.

A most important factor, we have set a beautiful campus with a serene atmosphere for the students, where he/she can learn and study many things together with the curriculum, in a most tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of a Holy Monastery or Seminary; and we are proud to say that, this exactly is the type of matrix we offer your wards to mould their character and the environment we have set for education and all the more to develop their Personality.

Therefore, on behalf of the Management, the Faculty and all other staff, I earnestly request you all who come across this writings of mine, come, perceive, experience and decide where exactly your ward has to learn things for his/her better future. Before concluding my letter, let me appraise one more thing, "discipline is the salt of life", to be more specific, we shall not have any compromise to the discipline.

Thank you,

Wishing you all the happy greetings on behalf of the Management and all the staff including our Faculty.