Fr. Michael Thekkekutt

I am happy to write these few lines to congratulate St.Xavier’s Bangalore for the commitment towards education. I encourage to go ahead with confidence and commitment taking all the challenges in the stride, and keeping in mind only the common good of our youth who are the future of our nation

“Education is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world” said Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela. It is capable of moulding the characters and shaping the minds and hearts of young people into worthy leaders and good citizens of the nation. Education is the key to succes in life.

Education refers to an enlightening experience. To educate would mean to give intellectual,moral, spiritual,physical and social instruction. That education is best that caters to an all round development of the personality. Education impacts life in the way for social change with a corresponding inner change – a change that can only be brought by a sound and effective education.

Hearty congratulations to St. Xavier’s team for the thoughtful, initiative and bold venture. May the good work that is just budding in your mind may grow, flourish and bear abundant fruit in the years to come.

I offer my prayers and best wishes and invoke God’s blessings in all your ventures.

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