A famous English writer William Penn once said that “Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man” we at St. Xaviers Bangalore believes that too! We have a fully automated book allotment and discharge system which keeps a record of all the student’s issuance and date of return data. Along with a vast section of manual and handprint books, our library is an E-lab equipping around 25 modern computers with high-speed internet connectivity to help our students with their research work and submissions.

The student can find the audio-visual educational video of any of their days of absenteeism in our library galore. The library is constantly restocked with educational videos by our faculty members and each course has these specifications which makes it easier for the students to revisit and revise. Our library constantly stocks new books in both, handprint books and audio-visual galleries. Updated or any retro newspaper clippings can all be found in our library to keep up with the news of the world or use the retro clippings for presentation purposes. Apart from these, students can also avail the benefits of other services like binding, lamination and photocopying in our library.


Any activities that are happening around the issuance of library books or other reading/ audio-visual materials to the students is known as Circulation in the Library. The students can find wide sections of various dimensions of educational books in our library. The proper process of these lending activities helps the students to keep a track of their date of issuance of the books and their date of return. Apart from our Librarian’s, the students also get quick assistance from our on-floor library support staff in case of urgent issuance or withdrawal of any books. Our charging and discharging of books is fully automated through LIS (Library and Information Science).

E-Learning Centre

The world’s education has fastened its pace ever since E-Learning came into existence. The power to get any desired knowledge is just restricted to the library now. Anybody residing in any part of the world can get any information at the click of a button with the help of the internet is termed as E-learning. We at St. Xavier’s too, have upgraded our academic module and introduced an E-learning system where 25 modern-day computers have been installed with high-speed WIFI connectivity to help students during the period of their examinations and completion of their assignments.

Selective Dissemination of Information

To keep any user informed about the availability of new resources on specific topics, SDI toolkits and resources are used. The Current Awareness Services have adopted these practices where the librarian’s do regular searches to find researches about a specified article or other materials which matches any students request and forward them the updated results for their searches. Alerts regarding the same are sent to the candidates using emails, voice mail, text messages or any form of communication medium.

Audio Visual Service

We at St. Xavier’s were one of the pioneers in the educational field to introduce the new modern-day Audio-visual service into our learning. Audio storytelling books, videotapes, presentations with voice-overs, videotapes etc are all examples of Audio-visual services. The graphic and pictorial representations along with desired voice recordings have proven to be a more effective way of learning as it helps the students to understand better.

Display of New arrivals

Walter Savage Landor once said that “Nothing is pleasanter than exploring a library” and we strongly believe that. Within regular intervals, we keep on stocking our library with new arrivals of the latest book on the collections based on different authors as per the student’s study demands. The students are informed about the arrivals of these latest collections of books via the intranet. The students can also request the management to get them their desired books through a special request for the availability of those books. The management or the library staff will help to acquire those books from the market in case of emergencies.

User orientation Service

Library Orientation or User Orientations services means introducing the user (students) to the facilities and rules and regulations of any library. It is basically to let the user know of the services available to them in the school library and acknowledge them with benefits that come with after enrolling on the library services. The main aim of UOS is to ensure that the users can do maximum use of the resources and services to achieve ultimate satisfaction.

Newspaper Clippings Service

As far as it is important to keep one updated about any recent information, one must also know about the news of the past. Newspaper clippings are one of the facilities where our students can find old newspaper clippings from the national and regional newspapers. Apart from keeping a collection of handprint clippings, we also have digitized clippings of the old news saved to avoid loss of any clippings and to preserve its use for the long run.

Reprographic Service

 At St. Xavier’s, our students can also avail of reprographic services like photocopying, binding, lamination etc within our college campus. The main aim of starting these services was to ensure minimum wastage of our users time but to provide them with maximum facilities. We make sure that our students get these facilities at a relatively cheaper rate as compared to the market price.

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