SXB'S Corporate Mentor-ship

Corporate Mentor program has helped students reconnoiter career opportunities and cultivate stratagems for their professional, academic, and social success.

SXB, an institution for superiority in management education, eminence research, executive development and value added consulting, has reliably preserved its foremost place in the country.

Mentors provide admittance to opportunities where students learn about interrogating, corporate culture, schmoozing, and how to become leaders in the corporate world. Vigorous applicants discover that the workshops, seminars, and other opportunities aid them to improve professionally, as well as build the underlying abilities that countenance them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Mentors help students elucidate and accomplish aims, largely by just sharing friendship and advice. A mentor is not inaudibly an authority figure, but is a wise and trusted friend who provides advice, counsel, and access.

Doles of Corporate Mentoring to Men-tee

  • Meet the student monthly at the workplace or another business
  • Provide backing and reassurance from time-to-time.
  • Offer counsel and constructive criticism
  • Provide access to key organizational or professional circles
  • Demonstrate potentials successful business leaders hold
  • Aid students clarify objectives and delight in seeing students reach them

Pay Back for being Mentors

  • Mentoring augments mentor’s profile and the profile of his/her organization among University students and staff and allows them to upsurge their impact within the industry.
  • The protagonist of a mentor is to boost the personal and professional development of their pupil by sharing their proficiency and knowledge. It consents mentors to fortify their tutoring and leadership skills by working with individuals from different credentials and with different persona kinds.
  • Probing questions to the mentee often ropes deeper visions on mentor’s own learning path and achievements. Delivers an opportunity to run-through necessary skills, including compassion and active listening.

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