SXB has academic infrastructure,system,and programs for achieving excellence

Classroom teaching and tutorials:

Classrooms and lecture halls at St. Xavier’s Bangalore are well-equipped with the modern teaching aids such as multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Gone were the days when academics used to be just a theoretical study of the textbooks. In SXB, we believe in going beyond just the textual readings as it is necessary to evolve with the foreign education system to let the students get a more raw and real nature of the academics. To give our students an effective E-Learning experience, all the classrooms and lecture halls are equipped with projectors to ease out their learning experience. Apart from this, all the computers in the classrooms or lecture halls have high-speed WIFI connectivity as it will help them to get the desired information of the world sitting in any part of the campus corner.

Unique Executive Communication & Leadership Development Training:

St. Xavier’s Bangalore has a Center of Excellence for developing executive communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership development.

Although a good academic aggregate is important for any student’s job application process, it is equally important for a candidate to be an overall performer. To be a good leader of tomorrow, we at SXB hold seminars and guest lectures from the experts in the field who guide them through Entrepreneurship skills to help them become a successful leader. We also hold various competitions, debates and encourage the students to participate in them as it is one of the effective ways to boost one’s communication skills and self-esteem. The students are also given the raw experience of the campus placement interview process for them to get a hack of it and overcome their communication fears.

Unique & Immersive International Opportunity for Toppers (UIIOT):

Every year, top 10 MBA rankers go for a study tour to Geneva or London to widen their international business exposure.

We at SXB have an excellent record of achieving greater academic results. We believe as an institution that if the students are given good exposure to the real corporate world, they can achieve greater heights. Hence, we started with the (UIIOT) initiative where our MBA toppers are taken on a study at Geneva or in London to widen their Global business horizons and give them exposure to the real International Corporate world. This study gives them an insight into a company’s day-to-day module and work style. As an institution, we try to mend the knowledge gap by bringing the current and possible future expertise together.

International Study Tours:

A study tour is an educational visit to any place abroad which helps the students to learn cultures and traditions of a new place, learn foreign languages, build new connections through socializing, engaging with the locals to know more about the preferences of the localites and much more. It is an alternative to old school learning methods and nowadays, many institutions offer these services to broaden the business perspective of their students by giving them Global exposure.

Adventure or Outbound Learning Program (ULP):

Nowadays it is a common practice in the world of Corporates where the management takes their employees to Outbound Learning Programmes to strengthen their individualistic and leadership qualities. We at St. Xavier’s want our students to experience the better and real practice of the Corporate world during their educational practice. The outbound learning programme is a training and facilitation method used to improve the efficiency and performance of our students according to Corporate standards through the use of indoor and outdoor games which requires the candidates to test the candidates physical and mental capabilities. This includes Bootcamp training, trekking, sports all of which require them to demonstrate leadership qualities. This programme helps the students to build effective communication skills, test their abilities to perform under pressure, builds confidence, helps in decision making and much more.

Foreign Language Training for Global Placement:

Foreign language is any language apart from their native/ commonly spoken language by a person. According to recent reports, it is said that any person who speaks more than one language is likely to get appreciated and paid more as they can easily get the work done at a quicker pace because of their communication skills. We try to imbibe the same in our educational module where our students are given more than one foreign language training to make them more susceptible to the foreign language and cultures which will help them to grow in their Corporate field.

Functional Skill Training:

Functional skills are the tools that allow an employee to excel in their professional life which can earn them more remuneration than other candidates. The study of functional skills includes English, Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology. English skills help boost the self-esteem of the candidate, improve their listening, reading and writing skills all of which are useful to develop effective communication skills at the workplace. The mathematical studies revolve around numbers, data handling and measuring of the components. This study helps the candidate solve the numerical issues about an organization and helps to reduce the cost and expenses of the company while increasing the profits. Information and communication skills are needed to research and solve the clientele problems with the use of the internet.


Through our Mentoring programme, we aim to push our students for their overall development in both academic as well as extracurricular activities with the assistance of our principal and the faculty members. The main aim is to listen to the queries of our students and guide them towards the right future career development. Counselling faculties are set up to help students facing mental issues to help them cope up with academic pressure by boosting their morale and confidence as we believe that with the right support and guidance our student can achieve the impossible.

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